Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Importance of Orchards

Having an orchard as part of your Victory Garden is a good idea. For one, letting a tree grow your food is pretty darn easy. For two, your trees roots go deep into the soil, and will bring up many nutrients. You can then access those nutrients in the fruits and fallen leaves, using them to compost and enrich your garden. Trees can also help moderate your yard's micro-climate, providing shade and cool against our scorching heat.

An amazing variety of fruit trees do well here in Phoenix. Take advantage of the sales going on in the nurseries right now, like Moon Valley's tree blowout.

A bunch of my trees put out blossoms this week. The apple blossoms are a real pretty pink.

The almond tree is just plain amazing. The whole tree just exploded in blooms.

The lemon tree is also putting out tons of flowers.

The other trees are a bit slower. I am, in fact, worried about my aprium tree, which looks as dead as can be. The peach is greening up, but the plums are still totally dormant. The cherry is putting out shoots, and the nectarine is greening up a bit too. The figs are bare and sad looking, as well as the pomegranate.

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