Monday, July 26, 2010

Watermelon Going Strong

I have not posted too many updates this summer, as I haven't really done much experimentation. Moving to a new house and starting just a limited plot left me feeling like not a whole lot was worth reporting.

But I can confirm that my watermelons are thriving in the heat! I have harvested a small crop from my earliest vine, which was a native variety with orange fruit. But the newer vines are doing even better, really taking off and producing tons of flowers right now!

My corn this summer, again, I left on the stalk too long... Grrr. It got too hard to eat, and so I just fed it to the chickens...

What I need to do now is get the pumpkins in the ground, so that maybe I will have some for Halloween! I am already two weeks late, yikes!

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the nice cool summer we are having so far, fellow crazy people, I mean, Arizona gardeners!