Friday, May 29, 2009

Growing Berries in Arizona

I have learned this spring one simple lesson with berries in Arizona: if you want thriving plants, water thoroughly every day.

My strawberries and bababerries were beginning to struggle in the late-spring heat being watered only every other day. I am sad to say my blueberry has not survived, probably because I watered it only a couple times a week (as it was in an odd part of the yard).

As soon as I started the daily waterings, the strawberries and bababerries perked up, stopped browning at the edges, and started growing and fruiting again. The loganberry was doing well even bi-daily, but now it is growing even faster.

I keep the strawberry in a protected space, getting less than half a day of full sun. I tried a full-sun strawberry as an experiment, but, as I suspected, it died. The bababerries and loganberry are in full sun.


  1. Ahh, thanks for the link to this update!

    I'm was at HD this weekend. They had a 4pack of 2 blueberries, a raspberry, and a blackberry I think it was. I picked up some bababerries as well.

    It's frustrating to me that the big boxes sell stuff that is out of season or won't grow well. Anyway -- thanks for the blog and info.

  2. I want to grow a crop of berries in Hereford, Az. and heard that a berry called the chockberry does not take a lot of water and is a lot like a blueberry. does anyone know about this? Jean at