Monday, July 26, 2010

Watermelon Going Strong

I have not posted too many updates this summer, as I haven't really done much experimentation. Moving to a new house and starting just a limited plot left me feeling like not a whole lot was worth reporting.

But I can confirm that my watermelons are thriving in the heat! I have harvested a small crop from my earliest vine, which was a native variety with orange fruit. But the newer vines are doing even better, really taking off and producing tons of flowers right now!

My corn this summer, again, I left on the stalk too long... Grrr. It got too hard to eat, and so I just fed it to the chickens...

What I need to do now is get the pumpkins in the ground, so that maybe I will have some for Halloween! I am already two weeks late, yikes!

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the nice cool summer we are having so far, fellow crazy people, I mean, Arizona gardeners!


  1. Thanks for all the information about growing gardens in Arizona! I've been working on one for the past few summers and info is hard to find. This fall I planted a small crop of cool weather plants in September and it did really well through the winter. (I covered it during the coldest snaps.) I plan on a much bigger winter garden next fall.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Dianne! Glad to help out my fellow AZ gardeners, we definitely need the help. I have a small winter plot going now too, and I don't know how, somehow they survived the nasty cold this year. Winter gardens are the best!

  3. If watermelons are thriving in the heat, you need to take more water in the fields for watermelon plants.

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