Friday, July 8, 2011


Watermelons and Arizona summers are just meant to go together.  I get consistently better results with watermelons than anything else in the heat of the summer.
This year I put the watermelon patch near the back fence.    As you can see, the watermelon vines love it.   They are trellising right up the fence, and growing hanging fruits too!
The best of my watermelons this year are the Jubilee variety.  I harvested a 13 pound watermelon last week, along with an 8 pounder.    My Sugar Baby watermelons seem to max out at 4-5 pounds.  I've been throwing a lot of them to the chickens, they LOVE it. 
I have found that chickens also love the fresh cucumbers.   I break 'em in half, or cut 'em in fourths with my shovel, then throw them into the coop.   After they peck out the seeds, they eat all the cuc flesh.
Oddly enough, I have observed, a green watermelon tastes exactly like a cucumber...  The chickens will strip the watermelon all the way down to the hard rind.  Any soft flesh on the inside will be devoured. 

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