Friday, November 18, 2011

Grey Water systems

I am in the process of utilizing more grey water systems myself. Already have my kitchen sink/dishwasher set up for it, and am working on a bathroom tub conversion as well.

Here is a link I found to a group dedicated to spreading the word. Based up in the Pacific NW, I wondered, man, why do THEY need MORE water???

Down here in the desert, grey water systems are especially useful. My kitchen sink/dishwasher provided more than enough water for about 150 sq.ft. of garden, and that was through our SUMMER! If I can convert my tubs to grey water systems, I don't think I will have to water the gardens out of the house at all.

Anyway, the link:


  1. Thank you for this information and link! This is a project I would really like to embrace. So much water the garden could use just goes down the drain!

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