Thursday, September 29, 2011

Late summer Okra!

Okra is without a doubt the most frustratingly slow plant to sprout....  My sunflower/cucumber garden was up for literally months before I even realized that some of the okra seeds had sprouted.  Turns out I had one "mega-bush" in there and 4 smaller bushes hiding in the sunflowers the whole time....
But after "biding its time" all summer, it is okra's time to shine, I guess!    As soon as mid-September rolled around, the okra started blooming (oh those beautiful delicate pale yellow okra flowers!!!), and now it is fruiting like mad. 
The chickens love the okra seeds, but my wife is not letting me feed the birds....  She is going to pickle it!   
The fried okra, well, I'm one of those people who find it a bit too "slimy" for my taste, but she says some folk love their okra pickled!   Alright, whatever, I am willing to try anything....   And if we don't like, we can probably give it away to those old Southerners down at church... 

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