Wednesday, January 14, 2009


My wife swears by these things, having grown them as a girl, and I am looking forward to eating them by the bucket. We got three of them for $5 each at Home Depot a week or so ago. We put them by the back fence, so they'll get some shade from the summer sun. I'll tell you if the following advice works for Arizona, in a couple months. Hopefully mine will look as good as the ones in the picture.

To grow boysenberries at home, find a patch of land which receives full sun and minimal wind. Till the soil thoroughly, working in plenty of compost and mulch. Plant boysenberry vines approximately three feet (one meter) apart in the late spring in USZA zones 5 and colder, and late fall in zones 6 and warmer.

Install trellises for the trailing vines to grow on so that they will be pulled up off the ground, making the boysenberries easier to harvest and less likely to rot. Typically, the boysenberry vines will bear fruit in May, after which they should be cut down close to the ground to encourage fresh shoots, which will bear berries again the next year. You should water the boysenberry plants thoroughly after cutting them back, and retrain the vines as they grow up.

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