Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Soil Analysis, and Rain!

Yup, its actually raining tonight! After such a warm day too.

Picked up a soil test at Home Depot, nothing fancy. It was fun to involve my daughter in helping me with the little science project! My results: highly alkaline, low nitrogen, high phosphorus, low-to-med postash. No idea why phosphorus is high, it does not seem to make sense.

After some research in my old gardening books, I found: To decrease alkaline, I need to add sulfur. Nitrogen increase requires ammonium or bloodmeal.

Of course, to help handle both, I am going to plant-and-plow some legumes. Green manure, the books call it. My row of peas has come up really well so far this spring, so I think I will go with that. I also bought a pack of soy beans at Home Depot tonight, so I'll thrown those in too. No idea where to get the stuff to innoculate them. After I plow that in, and throw in a bunch of compost, the soil should be much more supportive of crops.

Read that blueberries prefer acidic soil, which is crappy for my one blueberry rootling! We will see how it does, as at least its planting hole is well fertilized.

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