Monday, January 19, 2009

Me and the ancient Egyptians

Damn fine engineers, both of us. We both moved giant heavy things with sheer brainpower. That, and the help of rollers.

My jacuzzi was the problem, taking up most of my back patio, and blocking the sun to my raised bed. Dumbasses who built the patio did not reinforce the concrete with rebar, so the weight of the full jacuzzi totally cracked the slab, so I needed to move it if I ever wanted to use it again. I thought about hooking it up to a truck and just pulling it out the way, but it would be tough to get the vehicle in there properly, so I used brainpower instead of horsepower.

I scrounged some old plastic pipes, that I had purchased but not used in my house addition, and used four sections as rollers underneath the jacuzzi, and just pushed it across the ground. Got the edges off the ground in the first place with a crow bar, and with some help from my daughter, boom! Just like the ancient Egyptians, who moved their pyramid blocks on rollers... Brilliant!

Sweet. I feel like a backyard genius. I can hook the jacuzzi up there an use it, or, as I am thinking, use it as a cistern, since it is close to the garden beds over there. Maybe even catch some roof rainwater in it.

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